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healthy natural pet food – complete, balanced & scientific

Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition

Scientifically formulated by an animal nutritionist to ensure the highest nutritional values, balance and safety.
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Curing Itchy Skin

Does your dog
itch? Our 5-step

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You have no idea what your kind donation of food and soaps and oil can do for a dog in need. Rupert's skin has healed, his coat is growing back with a sheen and his sad little face has a smile on it.

Thank you so much for your support. Vondi's is the best!

A friend in need…
Rosemary Briggs

All your products are totally amazing and we really do cherish your generosity in helping us help Finn, in every way possible. Using Vondi's has made Finn's road to recovery a lot easier than we usually have to go through with the poor souls we rehabilitate.



Thank you for your generosity
Rosemary Briggs

He loves the Vondi's food so much that he starts to work himself into quite a frenzy if the preparation takes too long. 

My neighbour arrived here at lunchtime to see him get his food and she had never in her life seen a dog bark for that for its food.




A frenzy for food
Julie de Villliers

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU!!! I struggled to get my Yorkie to eat her food.  I was scared to try anything new to be honest because Holly has such a sensitive tummy. On Vondi's all is clear and perfect. 

Thanks again for really making a difference in my and Holly’s life, seriously!



If it’s good enough for us…
Jen & Holly

Since he was a puppy my Doberman really farted a lot.

A friend then suggested Vondi’s. HE HAS NOT MADE ONE BAD SMELL SINCE THE FIRST PACKET! I cannot believe it, neither can anyone else that knows him. Vondi’s is truly the best pet food out there. His diarrhoea has also stopped. There is actually a form now. His coat has improved and I know that he is much happier. 



The difference is unbelievable
Karien Human

Dr Eckersley said: "I am VERY happy with her condition and her results!”

During her exam he commented on her amazing coat! "She feels like velvet", he said. He also said that you can see she is in perfect health!


She feels like velvet!

I have put my dog Leo on your Vondi's food for itchy skins and within three weeks I've noticed a difference.

He had a bald patch on his chest and the hair has almost all grown back. It is the best decision I've ever made for my fur baby!


It’s the best for my fur baby

Grizzly is loving his new food and I bless you every time I cut open a bag. He also stopped scratching immediately!


So good for Grizzly

Before introducing them to the Vondi's diet in, besides all the drugs that were being pumped in to them, the monthly cost of the medicine together with the dry food prescription diet that the vets advised us to put them on, ran in to thousands of Rands a month.

We are now enjoying a good night’s sleep and they are happy, healthy boys!


Tony and Barbs

I've just seen a very happy client. His Labrador had to wear bandages almost permanently for lick granulomas and had frequent hotspots. He admits he felt like giving up. He has been feeding your Special Chicken and using the Rooibos anti-itch since the beginning of May. There is only one slightly raw spot left, no bandages and hardly any scratching. He is delighted.


Delighted Labrador owner
Dr Alma KerrSouthern Cross Vet

Our Charity Partners

Support our charity partners by ordering Vondi’s for them at 20% off, with free delivery!

Treats by
Jenny Morris

Vondi’s developed a range of health biscuits for dogs with the celebrity chef

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Itchy skin

Five natural products proven to reduce pets’ itchy skin – R90 off

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Behind The Scenes At Vondi’s

In 2011 Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition was featured on South Africa’s National Television, SABC 3. Whilst much has changed in our dynamic kitchen to meet international cuisine and food packaging standards, our philosophy, health aspirations and dietary principles have remained the same. Watch, listen and enjoy this short production.

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