59 Regent Road, Sea Point
(021) 439 1784
Most Loved Spots in Cape Town

Vondis Holistic Pet is certainly one the most unique and popular “”sites”” in Cape Town, especially amongst avid pet lovers. At first, you may think that you are visiting a gourmet French cuisine, with a buzzling vibe of 15 chefs, boiling pots sizzling on gas burners, the smell of organic blended fresh herbs and veggies, all prepared in front of you. Also, hot baked biscuits in oven, produced with South Africa’s most loved Chef, Jenny Morris.


But NO, this not for humans, but rather our furry friends


On the same premise, Vondis runs a very successful Doggie Day-care (crèche) with 30 dogs interacting and playing all day long. And if that is not enough, they boast the largest variety of natural bone in Africa (if not the world) as well as a massive variety of accessories and treats (like doggie popcorn)


All of this, and MORE, makes Vondis Holistic Pet Factory Shop, one of Cape Town’s most popular sites to visit.

Vondi’s is scientifically formulated by a professional nutritionist and is a registered nutritional pet food that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives. Our range includes food for dogs, puppies, cats and even vegan pets, with special solutions for dogs with sensitive skin. View here.

Vondis Pet Store

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