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Adult dogs and cats – feeding and supplementation

Healthy food is healthy for all. This is true for children and adults and it is certainly true for puppies and adult companion animals..

Too often our clear logical thinking is clouded by intense marketing jargon. Manufacturers are producing diets that are breed specific, age specific, health specific. This is simply a marketing ploy to capture a lucrative and zealous market.

With regards to human nutritional science you do not find specific diets based on race, gender, creed, age. We acknowledge that a whole real food diet containing live enzymatic active ingredients services the whole population.

Yes, when dealing with an ailment like obesity, diabetes, cancer or even skin ailments, we become more vigilant and responsible in adhering to strict dietary prescriptions. We also supplement with the appropriate remedy or medicine. But in general, a wholesome health diet is appropriate for most health conditions.

The same is true for our aging and adult dogs, The obvious concern for these dear companion animals is arthritic problems, cardiovascular stress and bladder and renal disorders. In that regards, it is essential that their diets have a low acidic rating, contain less protein and is correctly supplemented.

Therefore, as highlighted before, it is essential that older dogs consume a higher vegetable to meat content and that the diet is a wet high moisture food. The correct PH balance, with a leaning towards alkalinity, will reduce acidosis and inflammation.

Here my preferred supplements to include in your pets health diets:

A natural multi-vitamin:
Yeast: all B vitamins
Lecithin: helps body absorb fats
Garlic: natural anti-biotic and flea deterrent
Kelp: Sea minerals
Calcium: bone builder
Dandelion: cleans liver and kidneys
Vitamin C: tiny amount as they produce a lot of their own. Calcium ascorbate used as we don’t want to irritate the lining of the stomach

A quality Omega 3 fish oil to restore cell damage and reduce inflammation

A natural apple cider vinegar to balance PH and assist with digestion

A quality MSM or Rosehip and Devils claw to alleviate discomfort and pain

Unlike humans our companion animals have no expectation for the future. They live day by day, minute by minute. Their well-being, dignity and love is all that they deserve.

By adhering to a wholesome greener life style, free of chemicals, toxins and preservatives, will do wonders for their general health, happiness and well-being, not to mention their longevity.