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Animal welfare – Knowing is caring


We pride ourselves in being well-read and learned. We pride ourselves in protecting animal rights and welfare.

The enlightened person applies logic when making purchases and challenges institutions that shamelessly and carelessly rely on marketing jargon to promote their wares, rather than presenting truth and facts.

Yet, when it comes to the treatment of our companion animals, the same person does not necessarily apply the same and equal principles.

For example, almost every person acknowledges the positive impact that a natural, wholesome and organic diet can have on health, well being and longevity. Yet when it comes to feeding our loving animals, the same attention and time spent on deriving at an informed decision, is found wanting.

Here are some pertinant issues pertaining to responsible pet care that should be understood and challenged:

  • Are our dogs carnivores or omnivores?
  • Is raw meat dangerous or safe to feed?
  • What carbohydrates/grains are considered as refined and which are appropriate to feed?
  • Do you really take time to understand the labelling and ingredients listed on your pet food?
  • Can dry kibble ever be considered as natural?
  • Is your vet a qualified nutritionist or should you be talking to your dietician instead?
  • Is your pet food ethical, moral and cares for the enviroment?
  • Why has the longevity of our pets decreased whilst the amount of common ailments and sickness increased?
  • Is flea poison a safe option to use when the same active ingredient is found in our household pest sprays?

Can we honestly consider ourselves true animal lovers and responsible guardians if we have not done the research, applied our minds and understood the ingredients and compilation of our pet’s diet and recipe?

There are many facids to animal protection and animal rights like the right to safety and freedom from harm. But equally as important is their inherent right to safe and nutritious diets and their right to products that are free from harmful chemicals and poisons.

Our modern era has become materialistic, insensitive and careless. We have steered away from good business and moral ethics and we have distant ourselves from natural living. In this hectic life style, convenience has become a priority with processed, preserved and chemical based products enjoying major support.

In protecting our animal rights it is the responsibility of the consumer to understand packaging labels, to research the safety of these ingredients and take a moral stance on correct feeding and care.

For only then can we consider ourselves true guardians of our companion animals and animal rights campaigners.

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