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Animal welfare vs other welfare organisations

All NGO’s and welfare organisations deserve support and one should commend the dedication of welfares in general.

There are just so many charitable organisations to support and as good humans we should be involved with some or many – the physically and mentally challenged, the visually impaired, the aged, the poor, the homeless, displaced persons, etc, etc, etc

Often these organisations receive due support from government but in the case of animal welfare they are left to fend for themselves

The reality is that many animal welfares and shelters open and close all the time because of lack of support. Their good intention are tarnished because of lack of support from government and the public at large.

Our cats and dogs are GODLY and whether to you are a religious or spiritual person, we will all derive at the same conclusion and concur that our companion animals are exceptional beings. They certainly do not deserve to be abused or neglected. In fact, it is quite embarrassing, given the love and commitment that we get from our companions, that they treated this way.

Mandela Day has been concluded and millions offer 67 minutes of some support and it would certainly be appropriate now to re-assess our vision and commitment to animal welfare for the next 12 months.

I further believe, that corporate business and especially those involved with the pet accessory and pet food industry, should involve themselves with initiatives to raise funds for animal welfare.

We all make a decent living from this business of pet care, so it makes honest sense that we should be donating and assisting to animal welfare.