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Being a voice for the voiceless

As guardians of our domesticated pet, we have a responsibility to protect them from harm and assure them of basic human rights. That said, it should be our honor and privilege to harbor this companion in our home. A being so loyal, committed, loving and affectionate, you will not find anywhere.

Yet, world-wide and in South Africa, animal abuse is prevalent and our companion animal’s basic rights have been compromised. There are many fantastic organizations dedicated to protect these rights – the right to a safe environment, the right to be protected from harm and abuse and the right to live and die with dignity.

Vondis Charity Outreach Program – we believe that any commercial pet food or accessory company, who derives income from the pet industry, should be actively involved with animal welfare and shelters. In that regards, we have set up a charity portal where pet owners can buy for their preferred welfare at significantly reduced prices, and a free delivery.

Recently, after the horrendous fire in Hout Bay that left hundreds of dogs stranded and under the supervision of DARG animal welfare, pet owners showed that they cared and donated huge amounts of food, using this portal.

But we need not wait only for dire circumstances to be generous. This should be a regular contribution –

It is disgraceful to note how many pets have been abandoned and end up under the care of animal welfare and shelters. In South Africa there are hundreds of welfare NGO’s burdened with discarded animals. This is truly shameful and a poor reflection on us as a human race.

Despite these hardships, these amazing organisations, big and small, have dedicated their lives to rescuing animals. Their shelters and the work that they do are not for the faint hearted. This is soul breaking work and yet they turn up to work religiously and timelessly.

I suppose their true reward comes when they place their “”rescues”” at loving caring homes.
Still, without pet owners support and generosity, they would be unable to maintain these companions until a home eventually is found. I plea that commercial business and persons may be more generous with their support.

After all, our dear companion animals find themselves in this dire situation not because they did not offer enough love and loyalty, but rather because we, humans, failed them.