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Sometimes we get so caught up in marketing jargon and advertising that we don’t apply our minds. We forget to search out the truth.

Sometimes all that is needed to derive at an informed decision is to apply logic.

Probably the biggest misperception that commercial pet food companies would have you believe is that dry food, kibble cleans teeth.  This is the biggest farce but yet the strongest tool that the industry uses to scare off consumers from using home-cooked meals. The powers that be claim that our pets can only clean teeth by chewing on processed pellets.

Yet, at every veterinary practice, all selling “premium” brands of dry food, claiming that this product type is fantastic for teeth,  they have a huge range of dental chewies on their counters. How ironic?

This argument that dry kibble cleans teeth holds no logic. When we go to the dentist he certainly does not recommend that we clean our teeth by chewing on a rusk or cracker. In fact, when I have put this theory to dentists they find it very amusing.

Dogs are gulpers, just like the wolf, jackal or dingo. They are accustomed to swallowing large chunks at a time. They are not used to chewing pellets that form a paste between tooth and lip. Dogs do not have the ability to lick this paste clean. Thus, the food eventually ferments, builds up bacteria and leads to tooth decay.

To make matters worse dry kibble is largely refined carbohydrates. Carbs, we know are acidic in nature. The longer acidic food stays in contact with gum or tooth, the quicker they will decay.

Dogs clean their teeth by chewing raw bones and chewies or at very least by swallowing their food whole and not having to chew it into a paste.

The pet food industry is dominated by the most powerful and influential multi-nationals. Through their clever marketing and jargon they have managed to cloud logic and common sense.

Still, the responsible consumer and pet lover, has the obligation to do the necessary research and derive at an informed decision.

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