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Banting diet for dogs

The true judge as to whether a diet is “perfect” for both dog and human is based on whether they are able to provide the correct pH balances, with a leaning towards alkalinity. Thus, when one looks at popular human diets, this important formula...


The Raw Debate

What is the best food to feed domesticated dogs? By Liz Pask and Laura Scott Laura Scott holds a Master’s degree in animal nutrition. Liz Pask is a PhD candidate studying nutritional toxicology. One of the reasons people cite for feeding a raw...


Fair treatment of companion animals

This is a must read Education is the path to enlightenment and with enlightenment we can derive at the correct and informed decisions. I have no doubt that most consumers, nowadays, acknowledge the benefits that are derived from a healthy life...


What vets are saying

                           WHAT VET’S ARE SAYING…                     Dr Gérard Lippert and Bruno Sapy, landmark 5 year study on the life expectancy of domestic dogs showed that: Dogs fed industrial food lived an average 10.4 years. Dogs fed home made food lived an average 13.1 years. The difference is just over 32 months nearly 3 YEARS LONGER!!! ”Nutrition