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Celeb Chef, Jenny Morris, discusses her love for animals on SmileFM radio

Jenny loves animals & has always had animals in her life. She is a huge supporter of animal rescue and animal welfare.

It is because of this love for animals that Jenny Morris and Vondis have grown together and worked on many charitable events. Together, we have developed a range of health biscuits for dogs.

  • Rooibos & Mint for Skin Allergies
  • Rosehip & Devils Claw for Arthritis
  • Spirulina for Immunity & Well-being
  • Diatomaceous Earth for Deworming & Parasite Control
  • Coconut Oil for a Glossy Coat
  • Puppy Crunchies with Whole Egg for the little ones

Watch Jenny Morris make our delicious biscuits….

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We love you Jenny!