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Dog spelt backwards is GOD

It does not matter which faith your follow, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism or any other.

It doesn’t, even matter whether you are a non-believer.

We all agree that Dogs represent the perfect being. An angelic being of love, compassion, grace and affection.

If humans could only note the remarkable traits that our dear companion animals possess and aspire to their goodness, this world would be an amazing place.

But sadly, we don’t. And sadly, we don’t even respect or honour this perfect being. On the contrary, especially in our own country, we note animal abuse and abandonment. Our animal welfares and shelters are full of neglected animals.

As a human race we should be embarrassed of our treatment of animals. Only through education and sterilization will we resolve this dire situation.

Still, our animal welfares need our support. They tirelessly deal with the most horrendous situations, to save and rescue of companion animals from abuse.

We salute you.