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The dreaded C word! Listen to Paul discuss some alternatives on Smile FM

Conventional medicine in treating CANCER is NOT working. This applies to human and pet alike.

Since the war on cancer, forty years ago, conventional medicine and treatment seems to have made very little inroads.

In fact, in the case of our pets (I am sure with humans as well ) the problem has got worse. Once, when veterinarians used to see a few cancer patients, they now see many each day, each month.

The resolve can only come from having faith in our own bodies. Our bodies and that of our pets are an awesome mechanism that can deal with virus, bacteria and free radicals. Only through strengthening our immunity and by feeding our bodies correctly can we tackle disease and dread disease.

Besides wholesome real foods, that are packet with active nutrients, there are wonderful supportive remedies and supplements.

Cannabis oil has recently been “de-criminalized” and there is already a supply on the South African market. Take advice from your supplier, naturopath, dietician on dose and application.

Omega 3 fish oils restore cell damage. Apple cider vinegar balances Ph which and has anti-inflammatory properties, as does a quality MSM. All natural probiotics are beneficial.

The amazing observation, once converting from a high processed commercial diet, towards a natural diet and supplements, is the alertness, vibrancy and happiness that your cat or dog will exhibit.

Remember, our pets are our true Buddhists and they live in the moment, with no expectation of the future. They wish to enjoy the moments NOW, and they can do that if they are loved and are pain free.

The natural route ensures this and whilst one is likely to increase longevity, certainly your struggling “child” will show a new zest for life.