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How to easily & effectively deworm your companion animal, naturally & organically

Diatomaceous Earth is made from 100% Natural and Organic Phytoplankton Shells. It is the fossilized remains of unicellular freshwater plants which are derived from prehistoric water deposits.

Vondi’s Diatomaceous Earth is an effective natural de-wormer and parasite cleanser.  It also helps to attract and absorb bad bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, artificial hormones, heavy metals, drug residues, viruses and toxins and helps excrete it from the animal’s body.

Vondi’s Diatomaceous Earth contains an array of minerals to feed and nourish your pet.  One of the minerals that it contains in abundance is Silica.

Silica is a vital trace mineral required by the animal’s body for strong and flexible joints, glowing skin, coat health, stronger hair and bones. It increases the over all benefits of vitamin D, glucosomine and calcium.

Silica is necessary for the maintenance of cardiovascular health. It elevates the deposition of different minerals such as calcium in bones.

Silica helps the healing processes of diseases related to mucous membranes. It also aids the healing of fractures.

Daily exposure to a wide variety of toxins can seriously affect your pet’s health. A highly-processed diet filled with colorants and preservatives, chlorinated water, commercial flea collars, second-hand cigarette smoke, insecticides and pollution are all just the tip of iceberg when it comes to the toxins affecting our pets.

Exposure to toxins can weaken a pet’s immune system and damage the body’s natural ability to fight off disease. Domestic animals are provided with food which they do not have to hunt for, and that is not always suited for their bodies.

In addition, they are often exposed to a lifestyle which contributes to a sluggish metabolism and are unable to remove toxins or eliminate unwanted fat from their bodies.

The first step in helping your pet eliminate toxins from the body is to examine lifestyle factors like diet and exercise. Most of us are so used to feeding our pets commercially-produced food that the thought of doing anything else seems very strange.

Natural remedies can be very effective in helping to support your pet’s system in its natural process of elimination and purification, thereby providing a healthy solution to waste and toxin removal and supporting optimum general bodily functioning.

Maintaining healthy thyroid and liver functioning, assisting digestive processes, supporting natural metabolism and the body’s ability to process dietary fat by means of bile production will all help your pet to look and feel more healthy.

Vondi’s Diatomaceous Earth with added Aloe can also help to maintain all-round systemic functioning and maintain health and vigor in pets.

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