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The content below, is in essence, what Vondi’s Holistic Pet stands for, the crux of our philosophy and why nutritionally, medically and scientifically Vondi’s is positioned correctly. PLEASE take the time to peruse the content and comment if you wish

1. ”Omnivore vs Carnivore” – my best article ever written – your understanding dictates the way you feed your companion animals.

2. “Naturally been taken for a ride” – Many companies claim that their pet food is “natural”. PLEASE READ THIS FARCE

3. “ pH Balance – acidity vs. alkalinity” – This is the ultimate explanation why some diets are nutritionally sound and why some are poor. This essentially explains skin allergies and itchiness. – PLEASE READ

4. “The Science of Cooking” – Vondi’s Recipe revealed based on Nutritional Science

5. “ Ground Breaking Veterinary Study – June 2014” – The Latest Veterinary Studies confirm the Vondi’s Philosophy.

I trust that you have found the content useful. Please feel free to engage or challenge my material. Lastly, a summary of my appeal to you is laid out in the link below

purebred english Bulldog in glasses and book

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