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What to feed? Paul from Vondis discusses Pet Nutrition on Smile FM

What to feed?

And what signs to look out for to determine whether your dog or cat is performing well on their diet?

The state of our pet’s health is dire. They are struggling with an array of ailments from skin disorders to cancer. All related to the correct and appropriate diet.

Before our pets fall victim to disease and ailments, there are common signs that we can note to determine their state of health:

Skin and coat – the coat should be shiny and glisten in the sun. The skin should be free of redness, hotspots and irritation.

Sparkle in the eyes – your pet should have an intelligent alert zesty sparkle in their eyes

The Stool – should be firm but not crumble. The stool should have no mucus around it and it should not be putrid in smell It should also biodegrade quickly into the soil.

Nutrition is the single most important component of your pets health and longevity. Diet should be taken seriously and researched correctly.