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Just imagine, Granny Rose Sunday Roast with steamed butternut, sautéed green peas and roasted potatoes compressed into tasty saturated kibble/pellets.

How about, grilled Salmon with a lemon and basil jeau, turned carrots and a garden salad, processed and compressed and placed in a take-away carton.

For those who love traditional, how about a baked Bobotie topped with natural chutney and a side dish of steamed turmeric rice in pellet form. And those who long for a Mediterranean dish, there could be Mousaka served with a Julienne of spring veggies – of course in a pellet/kibble form.

Throw away your fridge and freezers. Rather install well organized and labeled shelves that can accommodate your dry food for up to one year. Get rid of your picnic cooler box, cutlery and crockery. But don’t forget your picnic blanket so that you can comfortably sit and enjoy a carton of your favorite dried food.

Just chew on a balanced scientifically proven dry food and you will never need a dentist again.

And those into the “natural” can be assured that this kibble is “totally” natural.

Hey, and when the millions are starving in countries like in Somalia, we can easily ship them this nutritious, balanced tasty food to save their lives.

Dream on. This is just not going to happen. Why?

That is because no human would have faith or confidence in such a recipe or such a formulation. No-one would believe that they can attain maximum health and nutritional values from a dry kibble type food.

But you say it is good and balanced and ideal for our four-legged companions?

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