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How to wean your cat over onto a healthy wholesome diet


”Nutrition is serious health business. The public is not well served by exclusively feeding products from companies without any real commitment to health… or knowledge of how to even achieve that. Recent studies have shown processed foods to be a factor in increasing numbers of pets suffering from cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental disease and heart disease”. Dr. Randy Wysong, DVM

In my opinion the biggest danger facing our cats, nowadays, is renal failure. In the past, cats lived to a ripe old age and died of a heart failure at 15 – 18 years. Now, cats are lucky if they make it untill 10 years old.
Cats are obligate carnivores and they retain and metabolise their liquid intake from their nutrition. Dry kibble food has the exact opposite affect and rather than hydrating our dear furry friends, actually dehydrates them. Have you ever noticed what happens to kibble when dropped into water? The kibble absorbs all the water and puffs up double its size. That is what is happening to the insides of our cats (and dogs).

Cats have been observed, drinking water from the shower and toilet and certainly spend more time at their water bowl than they should. The strange thing is, that if fed a wholesome real food diet, cats will seldom be seen drinking. The high moisture levels in real food, meat and veggies is sufficient to sustain their desired liquid intake

“The sad truth is that prepared pet foods help provide patients for vets.” Dr. Ian Billinghurst, B.V.Sc.(Hons), BSc.Agr., Dip.Ed.

Those looking for a more scientific explanation as to renal failure in cats, with respect to feeding kibble diets, can refer to this:
Acidification of the diet can destroy acid-sensitive micronutrients like vitamin K, biotin and B-12. Acidification has been done for several years by pet food manufacturers to help control struvite crystal formation in the urine that becomes too alkaline when dogs and cats are fed high cereal diets. This can lead to the development of calculi/stones in the urinary tract that cause painful and even fatal urinary blockage. Such artificial alteration of the acidity/alkalinity of the animals’ food can cause metabolic acidosis and kidney failure. These are common emergencies, along with urinary retention, in veterinary practice. Acidification of pet foods also resulted in an increased incidence of calcium oxalate uroliths/stones.


Cat owners will confirm how different they are in terms of behaviour and diet and how challenging it is to change their dietary needs. With dogs, if they are presented with food that they don’t like, they may resist for a few days but they will eventually accept their new feed. But with cats, they may refuse until their bitter end.

That said, cats can change their diets and they can be weaned over relatively easily. All that is required is patience, perseverance and “tricks of the trade”.

Here some suggested inclusions into your wholesome cat’s diet in order to enhance taste and desirability until the transition has taken place completely. This may take a week or weeks:

• Sardines * Tuna * chicken liver * Omega 3 fish oil * butter * biltong * chicken broth and pieces * natural gravies

VONDI’S YUMMY CAT FOOD is a high moisture meat protein diet and contains chicken, mutton, healthy grains, eggs, cold pressed olive oil, veggies, freshly picked herbs, vitamin supplement and taurine.
Any cat food based on this recipe would be perfect for your cats. Changing your cats from kibble to wholesome food, as mentioned may take a bit of time. You can a portion your new cat and add to it your current kibble (although not desirable) as well as the tasties I had suggested. Over time you will add less on the kibble and more of the wholesome diet until he/she is weaned over completely
The effort is worth it, in order to enhance the well-being and longevity of your furry and cuddly friend

“The results of a clinical trial suggest that 74.7% of common diseases in dogs and 63% of common diseases in cats can be eliminated without medical intervention over a period of one year with proper diet modifications and an understanding of the healing process as exhibited through healing episodes. Approaching disease from the perspective of health is the most powerful means of eliminating disease. Poor fuel makes for little momentum in life. The commercial food we are feeding’ is the disease we are treating – so treat on and on, curing one disease after another, again and again.”Dr. William Pollak, DVM

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  • Micheal O Posted 11 January 2017 11:58

    This is an very informative, the renal failure is common in felines nowadays more of the reason I had to start feeding Pattie (a Ragdoll) raw feed. she likes fresh fish and would not eat a stale one, she also eats chocolate and usually takes her time to savour the sweetness. I’m planning to add quality supplements to her feed and regular exercise.

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