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Licking of Paw and Smelly Ears

The licking of paw is very common in dogs and particularly with German Shepards, Bull Terriers and Staffies.

The continuous licking of feet and paws is a clear sign that your dog lacks probiotics. You would be well advised to administer natural probiotics or spirulina.

Even better, and certainly a must for the three breeds mention above, is to include Raw Dirty Tripe in their meal. German Shepards, Bull Terriers and Staffies metabolize the enzymes found in tripe better than other probiotics. It is essential for their diet.

In these breeds I would recommend including 250grams twice to three times per week. In other breeds, once a week would be adequate. This can be supplemented in conjunction with other probiotics. Raw tripe is available from your butcher or local supermarkets.

Externally and to discourage the habit of licking the paws, one could rub aloe bitter gel onto the feet or even the sap from your garden cactus.

Smelly ears, yeasty ears, itchy ears is also considered to be a skin ailment or an immune deficiency.

Yet again, as with treating other ailments, we recommend a whole real food diet that includes lots of raw and blended green veggies. The preferred supplements to enhance well-being and immunity are: Omega 3 FISH oil, rooibos/green tea oil or solution, apple cider vinegar and probiotics.

Externally, and rinsing out the ear, prepare a solution of 2 parts apple cider vinegar to 8 parts warm water. Rinse twice a day.

As will all skin ailments and allergies it is important not to compromise the body’s immunity . Do not administer flea poisons and chemical based medicines.