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Herbs in your pet’s nutrition – your very own medicinal garden

Most people have fresh herbs at home or can easily acquire some. The medicinal and mineral wealth in herbs is well documented and is essential to the health of all animals. In the wild, dogs and cats would graze a variety of mineral enriched grass, flowers and herbs, instinctively identifying the healing and cleansing agents that they contain. It is not uncommon for even our domesticated pets to consume grass and roots.

In our own brand of natural food we include a variety of over 20 freshly pick herbs.  As a result we have had amazing success in treating skin allergies and eczema, bad breath, bladder disorders, obesity, eye ailments, diabetes, cancer and nervousness.

Described below are some common conditions that we struggle with and how the appropriate herb can be effective in treating it.

So often we struggle with poor animal behavior and it seems that our companions are out of control. The herbs that would supplement this diet are the cooling and calming herbs:

PROPERTY:  Calming, Relaxing, Soothing

MINERAL: Magnesium

HERBS:  Assortment of Mints, Sages, Lemon Verbena, Lemon Balm, Borage, Yarrow

A very common ailment with our companion animals are digestive issues. This could be a loose stool, flatulence, smelly skin and breath or diarrhea. This problem may be chronic and regular or it may be as result of a viral or bacterial infection. The herbs that I would recommend for such a condition are listed below:

PROPERTY: Digestive Alkaliser, prevent mucus formation, prevent toxic build up and removal of toxins

MINERAL: Sodium & Sulpher

HERBS: Mints, Garlic, Fennel, Comfrey

We all know that calcium is fantastic for bone, teeth and cartilage. So often we turn to synthetic pharmaceutical mineral supplementation. The most effective minerals and vitamins are derived from wholesome enzymatic active ingredients that you find in veggies and herbs:

PROPERTY: Build Strong Teeth, Bones, Cartilage, Hooves & Nails

MINERAL: Calcium

HERBS: Carrots, Sorrel

Skin allergies and skin irritation are the most common ailments we find nowadays. Herbs like mint, sages, lemon verbena and lemon balm (enriched with magnesium) would be very beneficial in the treatment thereof. However, as general maintenance and promoting healthy coats and bright eyes, the mineral chlorine is preferred:

PROPERTY: Promoting Glossy Coats, Shinny Eyes by Removing Toxic Build Up and Over Formation of Fatty Tissue.

MINERAL: Chlorine

HERBS: Rosemary, Basil, Comfrey