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If you missed it! Paul gives us advice for summer time on Smile FM

Summer is a glorious time to spend in South Africa 🙂  Whilst this may be a very exciting and festive season for humans, it can be very traumatic for our companion animals. This is when our pets become very vulnerable and riddled with fleas and are exposed to a variety of allergens.

Summer is also a time when we travel more and leave our pets alone, often leaving our pets behind or in kennels. Those leaving their pets at home, whilst even travelling for a day with the family are encouraged to leave chewy treats and activities for their pets.

Those travelling with their pets and for those pets who do not enjoy the ride, celebrate the moment by offering some lovely treats. Make it an exciting event.

A strong warning – always leave the windows open. Leaving your pet in the car can be extremely dangerous and there have been many incidents of dehydration and death. Make sure that your pet is well hydrated.

Even those active humans and dogs, when choosing a time to hiker and climb mountains, make sure that you it when temperatures are suitable and comfortable. Obviously, make sure that your dog drinks regularly.

The irresponsible and insensitive still celebrate using fire-crackers, without regard for our animals. What a shame.

Calm personalities are required as our pets pick up on our stress. The use of homeopathic supplements for calming and relaxing would also be well advised. This all helps to reduce the stress.

Summer is a time when we over indulge in food and drink and we like to share our spoils with our pets. Any product that is preserved, laden with sugar or dairy will impact negatively on their health and allergies. Buy some health snacks and treats and feed in that manner.

Preparing healthy nutrition is paramount in dealing with your pet’s vulnerability and immunity. Any human based fresh food diet is exceptional. If you are following any human trending diet, then these diets are appropriate and nutritional. In this regards, Banting, Paleo, Atkins or even balanced vegetarian diets are brilliant. The beauty about home-prepared diets is that you can cook them anywhere, from your holiday home or guest house.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce new feeding schemes and diets. During the hot months it is very normal that your pet loses appetite and now you are able to take advantage and administer a wholesome real food, delicious diet. For the real fussy eater, you may wish to consider adding some exciting tit bits into the food like chicken liver, melted butter, home-made chicken stock, sardines, fish oil and your healthy left-overs.

Summer also brings with it an infestation of fleas and allergens. This certainly is the most annoying irritant and challenge facing pet owners and their pets. It is important to boost your pet’s immunity during this season. The use of probiotics and/or spirulina would be well advised.  Also, a good quality omega 3 fish oil (not flax) is essential. A natural diet with vegetables and loads of cooling herbs like mints, sages, lemon balm would help to build immunity and calm and cool irritable skin.

Whilst it is always tempting to turn to chemical based flea remedies to sort out the infestation of fleas, it is our belief that chemicals and poisons do more harm than good. It certainly reduces your pet’s natural immunity and these poisons remain in your dog or cat’s tissue and organs for some time.

The use of natural chemical free repellents is well advised. Summertime is a problematic time for our pets. It is a time when allergens from long grass and dust mites are very rife and there is an infestation of fleas. Our pet’s immunity is tested to the limits. Our pets struggle with allergies, digestive conditions and behavioural issues.

It is always tempting to turn to allopathic medicine and chemically based remedies to cure our pet’s ailments and problems but there are also some wonderful natural remedies that are very effective and which are the preferred solution.

Wishing you and your pets a safe and relaxing festive summer season 🙂