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Here is a list, a dictionary of old wives tails/remedies for every day use. This is a collection from our facebook supporters who really care. Please feel free to comment further and add to our list or re-enforce some of the claims made.

BEE STINGS – remove with a blade, and then apply Handy Andy – the AmMonia takes out the sting

BLEEDING – to stop bleeding apply sugar or cayenne pepper (it does not burn)

BURNS – so much advice, so many options:

1. Immediately cover the area with a thick dusting of bicarbonate of soda.

2. Cover the area with egg white

3. Cover the area with a thick layer of honey.

BLUE BOTTLE/JELLY FISH STINGS – rub wild fig onto those stings.

CHICKEN POX – place a handful of bicarbonate of soda in your bath. It eases the itch.

COLD SORES – if you have a cold sore about to break out, then rub it with Bulbinella ( a family of the aloe ).

EARS – place the leaf of a malva plant in the ear for sore ears

FLEAS – boil lemon or orange peel and when cool pour over your dog. You can also use the skin to rub onto “hot spots”


1. drink ginger and lemon tea with cinnamon.

2. that if you struggling with a fever, place a hot washcloth soaked in chamomile on your forehead and it with bring down the fever


1.chew on aniseed

2. for sore tummies, eat grated apples that you allow to go brown

SCRAPES AND CUTS – Piece or raw potato bandaged over splinter overnight to draw it out

SKIN RASH and IRRITATIONS – Bulbinella  is  fantastic for any skin related irritation for you and your pet.

SPLINTERS – piece of raw potato bandaged over splinter overnight to draw it out

STYE on the EYE – soak with a hot tea bag

TOOTH ACHE – chew on a clove

WARTS – rub sour fig onto warts

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  • sandra Edgecome Posted 9 February 2013 10:31

    I agree with egg white over burns it really does help

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