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Ostrich Shafts (Marrow) - A hard long-lasting chew

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100% natural chew made from gently dried ostrich bones

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SKU Ostrich Shafts (Marrow) - A hard long-lasting chew

An ad at the zoo: ‘Don't scare the ostriches! The floors are concrete!'

You’re fur baby growing at an astounding rate and you’re concerned they’re not getting all the nutritional goodness they need to become as big and strong as their fore-fathers.

In general ostrich is a high-protein, high-iron lean red meat that keeps the immune system working properly and builds healthy bones and muscles. 

Bones in general are a fantastic source of minerals and other nutrition. These minerals aid your fur babies in proper growth and help their skeletal system regenerate and adapt. The calcium in raw bones is up to four times more digestible than any supplements. Bones are especially important for larger-breed puppies that grow quickly and need the extra boost.

Our Ostrich Shafts are made from the 100% natural gently dried ostrich bone for a long lasting chew. Not only is this treat delicious and nutritious, it is ideal for larger paw pals with more powerful bites.


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