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Outbreak of Listeriosis – Paul, from Vondis, discusses meat & raw meat on Fine Music Radio

Press Release

I am sure everyone in South Africa is concerned about the recent outbreak of Listeriosis, one of the largest in the world, claiming 180 lives to date.

Listeriosis virus comes typically from raw meat, and in this case, specifically from raw chicken. The  Department of Health has advised that all meats should be cooked.

For years micro-biologists, veterinarians, universities have pleaded with the public not to feed raw meat. Raw meat carries potential pathogens, parasites and salmonellas.

They have suggested cooking or steaming your meat until 72 degrees. That is the ultimate temperature that kills pathogens.

Feeding raw meat, especially minced meat carries potential dangers. In lay terms, all that is required is that you cook your meat so that it turns from red to pink.

Whilst, there are trending diets out there that promote raw meat, the safe and responsible preparation should be to cook the meat until 72 degrees. “” Safety is the most important component of your pets diet. After that one can debate as to what is considered an ultimate diet”

Paul, from Vondis, discusses meat and raw meat on Fine Music Radio.