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A more loyal creature you will not find,
it is our responsibly to protect and be kind.
When man harms our dear friend,
those scars remain till the bitter end.

As guardians of our domesticated pet, we have a responsibility to protect them from harm and assure them of basic humane rights. That said, it should be our honor and privilege to harbor this companion in our home. A being so loyal, committed, loving and affectionate, you will not find anywhere.

This was not the case with Oliver. Oliver came to our home, a broken spirit, a broken animal – a leg that had to be removed, injured ribs and scars around his neck. Only through posting such stories, may this awaken our humane hearts so that these atrocities do not occur again and again. In this spirit, as hard as it may be, I wish to share the story about Oliver.

Whilst, my family has harbored Oliver for many months now, it is only recently, after our Facebook postings, did we learn the true story about Oliver. The gaps were filled in by the brave and compassionate Animal Welfare workers, who rescued Oliver. We thank you for that.

Dot Skelly explains: “I took the call on a Sunday morning. A neighbor called us. The story was that he had disappeared for a few days and had come home in this shocking condition. However the abuse we saw was not of one single incident. Even hardened Dr Rust commented on that Oliver had been through a lot in his short life. Those ribs were broken long before we got there. As I work there, sometimes one gets the story out of the people in bits and pieces over some time. However this particular area is very closed. I do not think that the old people whom Oliver belonged to would do it, but some of the youthful riff-raff hanging about is quite capable of this. Often the elderly are abused and bullied by these youngsters. Possibly, family of theirs. They aren’t telling. The vet then amputated the leg. To us it looked as though someone had tried to take the leg off with a blunt knife.His name was (believe it or not) Killer. When I looked at him the name “Oliver” just jumped into my mind. Thank you for giving him such a loving home”

Oh Oliver who is to blame for this shame,
It doesn’t matter anymore; we love you all the same.

Rescue Operation

Rescue Operation

Rescue Operation

Rescue Operation

Find more “About Oliver” on our Facebook page.

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