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Have you ever had time to contemplate?

how difficult it would be to urinate,

if you were a dog standing on three,

and you needed to elevate your wee

Oliver settled in very well and ran extremely well on three legs. He became a happy boy and his confidence grew. At 12 months old it is the norm for male dogs to start showing mucho tendencies and start marking territory.

The higher you can project your urine, the more likely it is that the scent will remain dominant. This posed a problem for Oliver. Having three legs and the back one missing put him at a severe disadvantage.

But where there is a will “there is a way”. Oliver has already overcome so much, his disability in having three legs, his loss of faith in the human and this fear and sadness to live in an abusive world.

So, to live a normal young adult life and mark his territory, despite having three legs, he had to make a plan. Enjoy.

PART ONE: All About Oliver – Man Lets Down his Best Friend

PART TWO: All About Oliver – To Keep or Not To Keep  


PART THREE: All About Oliver – Overcomes Fear & Disability

PART FOUR: All About Oliver – The Wagging Tail of Happiness


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  • Dot Posted 12 March 2015 20:51

    thank you for sharing Oliver with us . . .

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