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Paul from Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition discusses a “stinky subject” on Smile 90.4FM Radio

What is the perfect poo?

Your pets’ health can be easily determined by the consistency and odour of your pets stool/poo. A stool should be firm (hold its shape) but not be crumbly dry. A stool should bio-degrade quickly and easily into the earth and should not remain on the ground, without decomposing after a few days.

A stool should not be particularly offensive to the nose and should not have a pungent smell. A stool should be healthy and “clean” and not be covered in slime and fungus. If fact, the perfect stool should be so appealing and nutritious that the birds would wish to feast thereon.

I can assure that such a perfect stool can only be obtained from a diet that is wholesome, natural and enriched with vegetables.