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Paul from Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition discusses safe walking & safe collars on Smile 90.4 FM Radio

Listen to Paul discuss “Walkies”, behaviour and the appropriate collar and leash….

I believe, that in principle,  your dogs should be disciplined enough  to walk without a leash. That requires training and animal behaviour from a young age.

Still one has to bide my local municipal bylaws and if leashes are required then it is best to walk  with the appropriate collar and leash. There are also other circumstances that you will be required to secure your pet and walk with a leash.

The spinal column of our dogs is sensitive and excessive pulling and jolting on the upper neck area could be troublesome. If you have a “”tugger and jolter’, then you are best advised to use a harness rather than a standard collar.

Using retractable leashes that extend a distance and then stop suddenly could also be very dangerous. I have seen only too often a dog run at full pace trying to retrieve and object or express their freedom, only to be jolted backwards comes the end of the leash. The amount of pressure placed on the neck and spinal column is unreasonable and unsafe.

In the end, nothing beats good discipline and behaviour and the words ”stay, sit and good boy/girl” go a long way in ensuring a peaceful and safe walk