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Paul from Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition kicks up a stink about Flatulence on Smile90.4FM

Flatulence – embarrassing and uncomfortable for all. Paul from Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition tackles the smelly subject on Smile 90.4 FM radio.

You want to impress big time. You have the future in-laws over for dinner. Suddenly, from no-where, but not a sound, the air is filled with a putrid and toxic smell. Everyone looks at each other in absolute embarrassment. And there, under the table lies Popsy, wagging his tail, looking as innocent as ever.

Flatulence is a real problem. Not only is it embarrassing but it is very uncomfortable for your companion animal. Basically, there is a burning volcano brewing inside your pets gut that must be dealt with.

This burning toxic fumes are acidic and caused by acidic contents like ingredients that metabolize acidly – refined carbs (kibble, too much meat, sugars, etc.

One must quell this fire my administering whole real foods that contain lot of veggies and supplement wit supportive remedies like apple cider vinegar, probiotics, cooling herbs (mint, sage, lemon verbena) and omega 3 fish oils.

Here is one testimony from a satisfied customer who heed good nutritional advise:

“Since he was a puppy he really farted a lot (sorry, I don’t know what else to call it!) It was really bad, and he did it constantly. We had to burn oils and incense the whole time in the house. He also had constant diarrhea. The vets did tests but could find nothing wrong.

A friend then suggested Vondis. I gave him his first packet of Vondis on a Monday evening. During the evening I noticed no farting…. Surely, no, it can’t be THAT good, I thought. I continued to give him Vondis and after 1 month – HE HAS NOT MADE ONE A BAD SMELL EVER SINCE THE FIRST PACKET! I cannot believe it, neither can anyone else that knows him. His diarrhea has also stopped. There is actually a form now. His coat has improved and I know that he is much happier.”