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Paul from Vondi’s Holistic Pet Nutrition on SmileFM: THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE – Dog vs Human!

It is my opinion that our  companion animals are spiritually and affectionately far superior to us humans.

For example, they don’t hold grudges and have the amazing ability to forgive.

They have the exceptional ability to focus on the “”now””, the present, the moment. They are not bogged down by the burdens of the past nor are they enslaved by the expectations of the future.

They fear not death and have no expectation for their longevity.

They cherish every moment that you return with a wagging tail, even if you had only left for a few minutes or hours.

Their life revolves around YOU. They trust you. They long for you. They are dedicated and committed to you. They protect and love you with every cell in their body.

And all they want in return is your love and perhaps a meal.