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Paul on Smile FM: When IS it the right time to put your fur companion down?

Probably one of the most difficult decisions you will ever have to make – when is the right time to put your beloved companion down.

Paul, from Vondis, touches on the subject on Smile FM radio. Chester, by beloved companion animal, eventually died at the ripe old age of 19. And eventually Chester died of unnatural causes, when he sadly got his head stuck in a packet of Nachos.

At nineteen Chester struggled with dementia. Yes, a very common ailment with the elderly and applies to our pets as well.

This meant that Chester would urinate often in the “wrong” places. He would walk continuously up and down our wooden stairs. He would eat and drink, and return regularly and inconsistently to his feeding bowls, forgetting that he was already satisfied. Chester, fell off the promenade whilst on a walk. Chester fell into our plunge pool whilst playing in the garden.

Much of his behaviour was an “inconvenience” but that is NEVER a reason to put your pet down. Chester was my partner for 19 years and my only concern ever was whether he was suffering.

Dementia is only one of the many ailments that our pets struggle with. Other ailments that haunt our beloved companions are renal complications, arthritics problems, diabetes, cancer and weakening of the heart. So often, we delay the inevitable for our own selfish reasons. Remember, our companion animals have not expectation of life and they do not fear death. They simply live for the moment and to be loved every moment. When they have to suffer as a result of pain or neglect, then it may the right time to send them to Doggie Heaven.

I honestly believe that we, as empathetic pet owners, know when the time is right. We know when our companion has lost that sparkle in their eye, that zest for life. We know it in our hearts.

But a visit to your veterinarian may diagnose your pets condition. However, I believe that animal communicators and healers and behaviourists are more qualified in advising you as to the state and well-being of your companion. Animal communicators, particular, deal with these harsh issues regularly and have the ability to guide you and your pet as when it is the right time to say Goodbye.

To all those adoring pet owners who have lost their partners, as difficult as it may be, let us treasure those amazing memories and the joy that they bought to our lives. May their souls rest in peace and may their memories never die.