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6 – 12 weeks:

When feeding a puppy on Vondi’s Dog Food one would base it on the size of the head, as the size of the head is the same size as the tummy. This would be the quantity per meal.

  • 7am Oats. Pour hot water over, stand until soggy. Sprinkle Vondi’s vitamin supplement on top. Small qty raw egg mixed in every day.
  • 10am Puppy Crunchies
  • 11am Vondi’s Dog Food
  • 4pm Puppy Crunchies
  • 7pm Vondi’s Dog food – Sprinkle Vondi’s supplement on top.

This is a guideline. You don’t have to be too strict about times and in what order you feed what.

12 weeks – 9 months:

Feed Vondis Food 2 – 3 times per day.

Reasonable quantity or 5% of his body weight PER DAY

9 months – adult:

Feed Vondis 1 – 2 times per day.

Reasonable quantity or 4% of his body weight PER DAY  .

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