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Raw meat and dogs – What you need to know

Feeding our animal companions a diet of raw meat is a widely debated topic. Over the years there have been experts in the field of nutrition who have designed and promoted specific diets for our animal friends. Some advocating high meat protein diets, like Atkinson’s Diet and the Paleo Diet. Then there are the diets that promote only raw veggie diets, which is currently hitting South Africa with a bang. Professor Tim Noake’s revelation on high meat protein diets with little carbs is also extremely popular.

However, none of the experts have ever promoted a diet that contains raw meat. They have advocated diets that contain a high-meat content or loads of raw veggies, but not raw meat. The dangers are too risky.

There have been many recorded instances of illness as a result of raw meat intake. While some people will insist that they feed their dogs raw meat with no negative effects, the fact remains that there is a risk factor for dogs who may not be used to raw meat or who’s digestive system may not agree with the raw meat diet. The question is, why take the risk?

James O’Heare knows wolves better than most. He runs a large Wolf Sanctuary in North America. He is one the most outspoken experts against the feeding of raw meat to companion animals. In his own admission, one of the most common deaths in his wolf sanctuary, after feeding raw meat, is pancreatitis. And this is feeding a certified carnivore. Imagine now, feeding a raw meat diet to our companion animals, which have been domesticated for 15000 years and have little or no relationship to wolves from the past. The consequences could be dire.

Anne Martin is a legend in her writing and an acclaimed researcher. She pioneered exposing the impurities in commercial pet food, “Food Pets Die For”.  In her most recent book, “Protect Your Pet..More Shocking Facts” she includes a chapter on the dangers of  raw meat diets.

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition has spent more than a decade educating the public about natural diets and alternatives to the mainstream commercial processed pet food. Great progress has been made and pet owners are starting to have faith that natural diets are safe, balanced and successful.

There is a vast amount of writing done on this topic and we advise the you take the time to read up on as many sources as you can. At the end of the day, it is your animal companion’s life at stake.

Spirocerca lupi – warning against feeding raw meat

Recent newspaper reports have brought this little-known parasite to the attention of the dog-owning public.   What is it and why have we not heard of it before?

“This is definitely not a new parasite” says Professor Joop Boomker, of the Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases, University of Pretoria.   “It just hasn’t been prevalent in recent years.” 

“Pet owners who feed meat and chicken to their dogs should ensure that it is properly cooked, and neverfed raw,” advises Prof. Boomker.

More interesting reads on the dangers of Raw meat diets for dogs;

William D. Cusick  Author of “The Animal Advocate” Website. William provides a fascinating information on the ancestry of our dogs and wolves, as well as facts about the dangers of a raw meat/bone diet.

Mike Richards, DVM Dr. Mike addresses frequently asked questions about the raw meat diet, and explains the dangerous and misconceptions of feeding raw meat and bones.


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