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Paul on Smile FM: RESCUE a cat or dog…& you save YOUR soul

Paul discusses Animal Rescue and Welfare on Smile FM

When you rescue a dog or cat, you save your soul. It’s not only what you do for the rescue companion animal, it is how it transforms you as a person…as a family.

I can’t explain it, but there is something quite miraculous when you open your heart & you save or rescue an abandoned animal.

In South Africa, it is just outrageous how many animal welfare organizations there are; how many we need. Animals that have been stranded & abandoned by humans. Humans who chose puppies, whilst cute & cuddly, then becoming bored when their puppies grow into adults.

Cats & dogs are left to survive on their own, without any assistance from their human friends.

This is an unbelievably poor reflection of the human race. Companion animals, so loyal and loving, so forgiving and caring, should NEVER be left in this state. Yet, there are thousands of pets who are left discarded, like a piece of litter. Thankfully, there are hundreds of brave animal welfares that have to fend and care for these companion animals.

Here is comprehensive list of those NGO’s who have dedicated their lives to saving our dear “furry friends”.

I strongly urge & plea to pet lovers that before they choose a breed specific pet, that they first turn to any of the many welfares & save a life, rescue a companion.

The biggest obstacle in curtailing the massive problem of abandoned dogs & cats is the lack of sterilization. Vondi’s has embarked on a campaign to support Vetsol, a veterinary NGO that offers sterilization at a fraction of the price.

The biggest expense facing shelters & welfare in hosting these animals is the cost of nutrition. In that regard, Vondi’s introduced our Charity Outreach Program, whereby pet lovers can purchase food at significantly reduced prices with a free delivery service.

Love your furry friend, companion animal, member of your family, beloved friend as if it were your own child.