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In a recent study conducted by ourselves: 

  • 99% agreed that natural is better than unnatural
  • 98% agreed that wholesome is better than processed
  • 98% agreed preservative free is better than preserved
  • 96% agreed than real food is better than food that is not real


  • 30% thought that pellets/kibble was real food
  • 25% thought that kibble was natural
  • 28% thought that kibble had no preservatives 


  • 89% did not know that kibble contained ONLY 3% meat
  • 95% did not know that longevity has decreased with the invent of kibble
  • 82% did not know that nowadays our pets suffer from human type sickness –
  • diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc
  • 96% thought that dry kibble cleans teeth
  • 94% thought that dry food produces dry stools 

Nutritional Facts when producing dry kibble and exposing vitamins and minerals to heat:

  • there is a loss of 50% of the B vitamins
  • there is a 70% loss of vitamin C
  • protein structures in the food are altered
  • vitamin E can lose 99% of its potency

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