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“I must add my success story. I have a labrador that suffered with the exact symptoms. Not so bad that he was in bandages but we had him at the vet with terrible hot spots, scratching and an irritated skin. It always seemed to flare up. I felt the root of the problem was not resolved. I did some research and decided to try the above mentioned product in conjunction with the Vondi’s Fish oil. I then later tried the chicken meal as an introduction. In 2 months Bailey is spot free. I can highly recommend these products. It honestly works. My labrador’s skin is spot free l, his coat is glossy and shiny!”

Eliose Kaiser

“I have a border collie that developed the pink nose syndrome. The black pigment on their noses go pink. Very dangerous for skin cancer for them. It’s a common thing with a few breeds but changing my dog’s food to raw made the pigment go black again!! Awesome stuff! I’m so happy!
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Althea from PE

“Look at our grumble of pugs now! 😍😍 So adorable, cute & healthy. The last time you saw our Grumble of Pugs was when they were so tiny. They all have names now and the most beautiful personalities. They are very healthy and we have had no complications. Bellow is their most recent photos 🙂 They now sit for their food and have all found their voices. Thank you for helping us raise a healthy and happy grumble.”

Candice, I am Green

Tyson’s life has changed since he has been using Vondi’s freshly prepared range of food.

He has been prone to ear infections, hot spots, itchy skin for years. Several changes in veterinarian approved. Dog foods were all unsuccessful in treating his highly allergic existence and he was constantly being prescribed Cortisone and ear drops for his fungal areas. With the ongoing use of your products, we have experienced a Huge change in his health and his overall well-being. We are thrilled to have made the change and can highly
Recommend your food to anyone who has a fur-kid with the same problems. The buchu scrub is amazing to use – creating a quick lather and an ever to soft coat.
Thank you VONDI’S!!!!

Kind regards
Janet @ ROGZ

“Since he was a puppy my Doberman really farted a lot. A friend then suggested Vondi’s. HE HAS NOT MADE ONE BAD SMELL SINCE THE FIRST PACKET! I cannot believe it, neither can anyone else that knows him. Vondi’s is truly the best pet food out there. His diarrhea has also stopped. There is actually a form now. His coat has improved and I know that he is much happier. One of the best decisions I have made for Kai is changing his food from pellets. We really do need to be more concerned about the food we feed our pets, the tick repellents and medications we give them, and the damage these are doing. Do your research. Question your vets advice.”


“Vondi’s is especially good because it has a vegan option. We also need to consider the ethics of animal agriculture and the impact it has on our planet when it comes to our pets too. Dogs are able to thrive on a well-balanced vegan food like Vondi’s, but even just alternating days with a vegan option would make a big difference. Do the research. Question everything. Your pets rely on you. Oh, and there’s nothing better than supporting local, especially when they’re doing such a great job!” 

Candice Bloem

I am a Vondi’s dog – my name is Major and my favourite Vondi’s meal is Ostrich😊 I have a beautiful soft and shiny coat as a result of this delicious food – thank you🐾🐾❤”


“Having our dog food delivered promptly each month by the friendliest staff ever is absolutely amazing!! Our doggies love your food and sit and drool every single day when we feed them, they just can’t get enough. Our Rhodesian Ridgeback’s skin condition has also disappeared. Well done on having professional, friendly and knowledgeable staff and for the excellent service we receive month on month!!”

From one of our Bostie clients this morning

“Thank you Vondi’s for keeping me healthy x”

“Hi Paul, thanks again for excellent service. I want to give another testimonial about your products: the Buchu Moisturizing Anti-inflammatory oil works for mange!! I do rescue work for Pro-life Pet Rescue in Sabie and had 2 severe mange puppies that I rescued from a dumping site. Where their hair fell out I rubbed the moisturizing oil in every day and after 2 weeks all the hair has grown back and their skins look excellent.”

Annelize Cloete

“I just want to tell you what a huge difference the Buchu Anti-inflammatory moisturizing oil made in the life of my Jack Russel/Staffie cross dog Jacky. She had a terrible eczema under her legs and on her tummy. She was scratching 24 hours of the day and her skin was always red. Soon after I started using the moisturizing oil, she became a lot better. Now, I only use it once a week. This is a wonderful remedy. Even for flea allergy this remedy also works. Also the khakibos tick and flea shampoo is wonderful!! We live in the bush and have a lot of fleas, but this is the only shampoo I use for my dogs.”

“Just need to say that the Buchu Moisturizing oil is working wonders for our Jack Russell that has a skin infection on her tummy. It’s the first product that I can say works for her. Not even the vet cream had such great and instant results. Thanks for making owner and my “child” happy. “

Charlene Steele

I have put my dog Leo on your Vondi’s food for itchy skins and within three weeks I’ve noticed a difference. He had a bald patch on his chest and the hair has almost all grown back – best decision I’ve ever made for my furbaby!


Guardian of Vondi’s!!! From Sam our customer here in Sea Point…” Blossom guarding her food! She lay there for an hour until I unpacked it! One happy customer!” 👩‍✈️😃❤️🐾👨‍✈️

Lovely testimony from Carol 😁🐾❤️

We have a beautiful miniature schnauzer who loves your food. I currently give her the ostrich and the chicken meals. Schnauzer’s can have sensitive stomachs and I was wondering if it ok to give her the beef and mutton meals so she can have a bit of variety. Our schnauzer is a rescue. When we got her, she had such coarse, itchy fur. She now has soft shiny silky coat. Thanks for the wonderful food for our precious baby…

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