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Nutrition – Truthfully!

And if you’re still unsure, here are 10 more reasons why natural dog food is better for your dog than pellets

We all know that wholesome, real, fresh and natural food is better for you than processed preserved food. This is documented as true for humans and we all acknowledge that diet is the major contributor to well-being and longevity. The same applies for our companion animals.

The highest quality of nourishment comes from whole natural and enzyme-active foods that are not refined, processed, cooked or laden with preservatives, especially organic foods. When commercial food is processed there can be a loss of up to 50% in vitamin B, 70% in vitamin C, protein and enzymes become denatured and mineral absorption is disrupted.

For thousands of years, our companion animals have been fed nutritious left-overs from the table and our pets did extremely well on these diets and lived to a ripe old age, free of these many common ailments we find nowadays. Just ask granny or great granny how well our animals actually did.
In the last 50 years the whole nutritional base of our animals has shifted to a highly processed and chemically laden diet, an abrupt change from a natural diet that lasted thousands of years.

Medically, it has been proven that a natural diet, free of preservatives maintains health and improves well being and longevity. This is also true for our animals. The current medical condition of our pets has never been poorer. Just ask around and you will note that almost every animal is suffering from some sort of skin condition. Others will testify to common aliments like obesity, renal failure and unary tract disease, arthritic and hip dysphasia problems, diabetes, epilepsy, digestive problems, etc

Morally, it is unfair to do any experimentation or testing on animals to enhance brand competitiveness. ANIMAL RIGHTS AFRICA has clearly identified certain brands that “RUTHLESSLY CONDUCT EXPERIMENTS ON ANIMALS TO TRY TO GIVE THEIR PET FOOD A COMPETITIVE MARKETING EDGE”.

Honesty and transparency has to be of top priority. The rule is very simple – if you do not understand the ingredient listed on the label, then do not feed it. The pet food industry has had much controversy and should be careful to trust flashy advertising or expensive packaging to help make a purchase decision. Do your own research and be convinced that the diet is honest and right.

Scientifically, all registered pet food is balanced. So don’t be fooled into believing that one pet food is more scientific than another. The parameters of food science are set in advance by The Department of Agriculture in South Africa.

Economically, you will note that it is cheaper to feed fresh natural food than most Veterinary brands, especially medium to small breeds. A small dog could cost you only R4.50 per day. Compare that will your other brands and you will be shocked to see how competitive it actually is. Many expensive dog foods are priced the way they are to cover all the costs of importing ingredients from across the world. Buying food that is made of local ingredients is not only better for our own economy, but cheaper for us.

Gastronomically, having variety is also an important part of the diet. Wholesome delicious food that offers variety – chicken, beef, mutton or ostrich is guaranteed to be tastier than dry pellets. Another noticeable benefit is that pets feel fuller on natural food, because it is bulky. Dry foods and pellets expand in the stomach and cause our animals to bloat. One of the first benefits you will notice on natural foods is a healthy loss of that excess weight.

Dogs that are fed on a natural wholesome diet have a different attitude. We can feel itwhen we take our friends out for a play or a run. We all know what it means for us as people to eat well. It gives us the right kind of energy and mental clarity. Just imagine how you would feel after nothing but fast food burgers for a month.