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A quality omega 3 is essential in restoring cell damage and should be your first choice supplement. Almost every Vet will recommend an Omega 3 when treating skin disorders and inflammation.

Sally-Anne Creed is one of South Africa’s leading nutritionists and her stance on whether to use fish oil or flax oil is very clear. She firmly warns clients to avoid flax.

Although flaxseed oil is often touted, even by some doctors, as a substitute for fish oil, new studies show it’s not a reliable alternative. The conversion of flaxseed oil’s short-chain omega-3 to long-chain omega-3 found in fish is unreliable and inefficient, say new tests. This is especially true for the “brain booster” DHA, credited with giving baby brains higher IQs and protecting aging brains from memory loss and Alzheimer’s. A new Emory University study found that taking high daily doses of flaxseed oil caused no increase at all of omega-3 DHA in the blood of subjects.

Similarly, feeding animals alpha-linolenic acid, as found in flaxseed oil, did not increase DHA in their brain cells, according to research at the National Institutes of Health.

New British research says high doses of flaxseed oil may even cause a decrease in omega-3 DHA and that flaxseed oil does not adequately nourish fetal brains. University of Southampton researchers concluded that “preformed DHA and EPA in fish oil are essential to maintain optimal tissue function and that flaxseed falls short.”

According to the study published in ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’ flaxseed oil is found very less effective against inflammatory conditions. Generally, flaxseed oil has been considered to be anti-inflammatory agent. But few more studies reveal the shocking truth that it actually increases inflammation in most of the cases.

Besides being ineffective, flaxseed oil has many other side effects.

Our preference, especially when treating skin ailments, is a high quality fish oil, preferably salmon oil.




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