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Last month we featured, Zane Conroy, 27 year old, who was rendered a quadriplegic after breaking his neck in a freak accident. In 2012, he applied for a service dog, but with little hope that his pray will come true. Recently, the South African Guide Dog Association, delivered Rolo, a beautiful chocolate brown Labrador as a companion and guide.  “I’m not sure my words will adequately describe what joy Rolo has already brought to my life.” Vondis Holistic Pet has pledged to supply Rolo with his monthly food requirements.

Let’s see how they are doing

“Rolo has been at my home for a little over a month now. What an amazing bond has formed between us!! I actually have proof of this statement. Let me explain 🙂 The trainers from the South African Guide Dog Association have explained to me that anytime there is an issue with Rolo, I should just let them know and we can sort it out. Nothing could prepare us for what we experienced with the fury guy.

There have been three occasions where I have had to go out but unfortunately couldn’t take Rolo with me. Although my mom was home and a few other people that live on the property, he still whined for me!! My mom would give him attention, throw his toy for him but no, he still winged because I was not home.

The moment he heard the gate open at the front of our home, he would bolt to the gate to see me arrive in the car. The moment I exit the car he jumps up into my lap and is absolutely thrilled to see me! As I am to see him 🙂 The trainers at SA Guide Dogs were quite thrilled at the bond between us and realized it was strong when they observed Rolo following me out the door, even if I went out for a short time.

As a result of this, I try take him out wherever possible. When in public, we kit Rolo out with his wonderful bright red jacket to let the public know what a special guy he is 🙂 Have a look at the video link below of our Builders Warehouse outing”.

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